Advisory Fees

For those who attend any of our seminars, or are referred to us from clients, the first meeting is at our expense!

Assets Under Management (AUM) Fees: Individuals and families with a minimum portfolio size of $300,000 are eligible for this service. Advisory fees range from 0.5% to 1.5% depending on investment portfolio size. AUM services include advisory assistance on demand, quarterly meetings, an annual retirement analysis, personalized encrypted document vault storage and electronically delivered monthly market updates.

Hourly Only: The hourly rate is $275. "Hourly Only" clients will receive the first Retirement Planning Analysis at a reduced rate of $1,000.

Commission: Most insurance products, including Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, Disability, and Annuities, pay commissions directly to agents. We do not charge additional fees for client who need these types of insurance solutions.

Social Security or Medicare benefit sign up: Flat fee of $125.