Three Lanes of Focus

We know that excellent communication is critical to helping you realize your goals. We consider our services a “calling” and we dedicate ourselves to each and every client in a way that is unique in today’s fast paced world. Our experienced team services a limited number of families so we can provide a superior client experience with the attention you deserve.

Investment Management

We construct portfolios that are in line with your specific goals, timelines and risk tolerance.

We regularly monitor your portfolio’s performance and allocations. We conduct meeting to discuss contributions, withdrawal strategies, changes within your portfolio’s allocation and time horizon.

Financial & Retirement Planning

We review your income, expenses, tax returns, retirement & non-retirement investments, annuities, life & long-term care insurance, social security, mortgage statements, health policies and estate plans to help you manage your life goals.

In this process we provide detailed analysis of your current situation and if warranted, suggested changes to improve your situation.

Tax-Managed Retirement Distributions

Taxes significantly dilute most retirement incomes, making it imperative to consider marginal tax bracket, capital gains taxation and Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amounts (IRMAA) in determining how to balance income from retirement and non-retirement accounts.

“The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”, combined with “The Secure Act” which took effect in 2020, offer retirement and legacy planning opportunities which we consider in your overall plan.