Planning Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning covers a lot of ground. Fortunately, we're intellectually curious. We like to learn and teach. Here's an incomplete list of planning services that fall under the rubric of Comprehensive Financial Planning.

Retirement Planning
Envision your best life in retirement's three stages—the Go-Go Years, Slow-Go Years, and No-Go Years—with our Retirement Analysis. Beyond data, this process weaves in stories, plans, hopes, and laughter.

Investment Management
Guided by your goals and current investments, we offer personalized advice on stock, bond, and investment choices for optimal success. As an AUM Client, we position the investments and handle ongoing account management with your approval.

Social Security Planning
Align your Social Security sign-up with your retirement goals. Whether you're signing up or already receiving benefits, we can help you integrate your Social Security income tax-efficiently.

Medicare Planning
We assist with registration, comparing Medicare plans, and making informed decisions, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

IRA Planning
Optimize tax-efficient distribution with IRAs, a cornerstone of strategic planning.

Roth Conversions
Transform taxable accounts into tax-free assets strategically with Roth conversions. Enhance estate planning and gain tax-free growth for beneficiaries.

Life Insurance
Elevate your retirement income, legacy, and long-term care strategies with tailored life insurance solutions. As Advisors, we analyze, integrate, and source policies from multiple carriers.

Long-Term Care Planning
Secure your retirement against long-term care expenses. From insurance to strategic asset allocation, we guide you toward the right solution.

Wealth Manager Selection
Collaborate with specialist investment managers to maximize portfolio performance. Our partnerships ensure strategic dividend-focused results.

Address inflation concerns and interest rate shifts with annuities. As New Mexico licensed Independent Insurance Agents, Silas and Peter can offer insights into fixed and indexed annuities for consistent income.

College Financial Planning
Navigate the complexities of college costs with ease. We help with saving strategies, school selection, and financial aid to make education affordable.

Estate Planning Help
Safeguard your legacy by creating wills and trusts using estate planning software. Legal documents reviewed by state-specific attorneys ensure your wishes are upheld.

Tax Planning
Optimize your retirement income by minimizing taxes over your lifetime. Navigate tax complexities and avoid surprises with our expert guidance.

Retirement Income Planning
Maximize retirement assets with informed income strategies. From distribution rules to economic resilience, we help you secure your financial future.

Charitable Giving Strategies
Make a lasting impact through strategic charitable giving, using tax-efficient giving strategies today and legacy gifts to your favorite causes after you pass. 

Business Succession Planning
Ensure a smooth transition for your business. Use us to help you develop a plan for passing on your business while considering financial security for yourself and your successors.

Risk Management and Insurance Analysis
Protect your financial security with a thorough insurance analysis. We assess your coverage needs, including life, disability, and long-term care insurance, to safeguard against unexpected events.

Tax-Efficient Portfolio Strategies
Optimize your investment portfolio for tax efficiency. Our strategies aim to minimize capital gains and taxes on investment income, enhancing overall returns.

Healthcare Cost Planning
Prepare for healthcare expenses in retirement. We can recommend spending strategies to help minimize taxes and stretch financial resources.

Gifting Strategies
Strategically gift assets to loved ones during your lifetime. We help you take advantage of gift tax exclusions and utilize various gifting strategies for both immediate and long-term benefits.

Pension Maximization Strategies
Optimize your pension benefits through strategic claiming decisions. We analyze options and help you make informed choices that align with your retirement goals.

Sustainable and Responsible Investing
Align your investments with your values. We can help guide you in selecting investments that prioritize environmental, social, and governance factors while pursuing financial returns.